CPE Mentor Spotlight with Andrew Serio

Andrew is a small business owner, and an Associate Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services. He believes that a mentor-mentee relationship should be one where both parties are mutually interested in that relationship and the success of the other person. Learn more about CPE mentor, Andrew, below.

Why did you become a mentor?

I wanted to share the knowledge I had gained from my life with someone else. At first, I was searching to find my own mentor and after giving it lots of thought, I realized that what I actually wanted was to become a mentor. That realization gave me the confidence to try my hand at being a mentor versus a mentee. It turned out to be the right decision for me.

How long have you been mentoring with CPE?

I’ve been mentoring with CPE since early 2015. I was matched with my mentee, Reece, in July 2015.

What is your favorite activity to do with your mentee?

We enjoy talking about life and philosophy. Reece has always had a high degree of emotional intelligence. I’ve shared some of the philosophers, speakers, and thinkers that have helped shape my views. As he’s taken those to heart and incorporated various ideas into his life, we’ve had some really intellectually stimulating conversations.

What is one of your mentee’s dreams?

My mentee’s dream is to be a successful entrepreneur. Reece has known since an early age that he wants to do far more than climb the corporate ladder – he wants to build the house. He’s already started several small businesses to generate various streams of revenue, including a photography business and a vegan bakery.

How are you helping him achieve it?

I offer my insight and opinion. It is all that’s needed most of the time because he has a strong vision of what he wants to do. I’ve started a small business, so I’ve had experience in some of the decision-making required to own a business. I play devil’s advocate to some of his ideas so that he can see various angles to a situation.

How has CPE helped you in your mentoring relationship?

CPE has gone far above and beyond any expectation I had about the support I would receive throughout this process. There have been so many events and check-ins or guidance they’ve facilitated to help me foster a better relationship with my mentee. I appreciate it so much. There was never a single moment where they haven’t been fully invested in making sure Reece and I were successful in our relationship.

What advice would you give anyone considering mentoring?

You will never regret the decision to become a mentor, but it is a two-way street. You have to be willing to open yourself up to your mentee. You don’t have to be very successful to be a mentor, but you do have to freely share the life experiences you’ve gained with them. Just showing up is way more than half the battle.