Blog & Events

We feature stories from our mentors, students, staff, and alumni, as well as inspire dialogue about the issues our low-income and often first-generation students face.

Student Stories

Students in our program have access to opportunities that support their journey to and through college. Their stories share how our resources such as internship stipends and emergency fund requests, as well as continued support from their mentors, help them navigate through the challenges of high school and college.

Our Voice

We use our voice to advocate on behalf of our students, who are learning to develop their own. In our blog, we provide insight into a host of issues, including the unique needs of students in the academic middle of their peers, the challenges associated with the rising cost of higher education, and effective strategies to ensure African American students receive college degrees.

CPE Spotlight

Read interviews with our staff, alumni, and mentors as they share their personal journeys and experiences, and talk about their connection to our program. These perspectives contribute to our work of creating a community of support through strong relationships so that everyone can achieve more.

We host a range of events throughout the year to help our students gain relevant skills, expand their networks, and prepare for the workforce. Our annual fundraising celebration brings the D.C. community together to show how the Power of Relationships can promote life-changing academic success for low-income youth.

CPE Events

Every year, we host an annual celebration to highlight The Power of Relationships. We’re joined by students, mentors, community partners, and supporters of our mission to raise awareness about the impact of our program. The program highlights how we mentor low-income, and often first-generation students, to and through college, helping them gain the skills necessary to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and succeed in the workforce.