Program Overview

CPE’s mentoring, academic support, and career preparation services are featured in three program lines: (1) The Trailblazers, its ninth-grade high school program for low-income students in D.C.-area private, charter, and public schools; (2) The Navigators, its 11th grade high school program for students enrolled in D.C.-based public and charter schools; and (3) The Transformers, its college program, for graduates of the Trailblazer and Navigator programs.


CPE helps Trailblazers and Navigators enroll in college by pairing them with college educated, volunteer mentors and enabling student-mentor relationships with proven rubrics and targeted individualized staff support, especially through the college and financial aid application processes. The Transformers program continues CPE’s mentoring and support services through the college years, with the ultimate goal of guiding students through college graduation and into sustainable careers.

Program Lines